Sulok Graphics, Inc.

about the artist

Christine Ann Sulok, MA, CMI


Christine Sulok was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and now resides just north of the metro Milwaukee area in the quaint town of Jackson.

Since early childhood, Christine enjoyed making the most of her artistic ability. Every art course in school, from elementary to college and beyond, focused and sharpened her pursuit of visual quality and excellence. When the computer entered the picture as the new tool for artists in the 1980's, Christine embraced the world of digital imaging and layout. She immediately recognized the exciting new creative possibilities when coupling her proficiency with traditional graphic tools and knowledge of conceptual art with the ever-improving potential of computer graphic & illustration software.

During her undergraduate studies at Carroll University in Waukesha, WI, Christine took the opportunity to refine her artistic skills with a variety of art courses, from photography to life drawing. She also developed a fascination with anatomy and physiology, and enjoyed taking many courses in the biological sciences. Graduating with a double major in art and biology was the perfect mix to launch her to the next level. Utilizing her natural drawing talent combined with a strong background in medical biology, Christine received her master's degree in medical illustration in 1997 from The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas. Since then, Christine has been working as a medical illustrator and graphic designer, specializing in digitally created artwork. Christine has been a Professional Member of the Association of Medical Illustrators since 1998, and continues to uphold her professional status through continued work in the field of visual biomedical communications.

After 8 years experience working in a predominantly medical-related setting, Christine ventured further into the world of graphic design and founded Sulok Graphics, Inc. with the help and influence of her sister-in-law, Stephanie Sulok. Since the establishment of Sulok Graphics in October 2001, Christine has been generating a variety of projects beyond medical illustration. Not only does she continue to produce high quality technical illustrations and diagrams, but Christine also creates artful graphics and layouts for brochures, business cards, websites and variety of other graphically inspired items. Along with her artistic abilities, Christine's innovative approach and excellent problem solving skills ensures consistency of high quality in every project she completes, which has played a key role in the development of her client base solely from satisfied referrals. Currently, she enjoys a wide variety of work for local, national, and international client accounts.